About Kiesque

Beauty with Brains

Kiesque - Beauty with Brains, is an innovative and creative beauty company. Bridging the gap between beauty and thoughtful ingenuity, Kiesque aims to create products that are simple to use and easy to master.

Kiesque's flagship product, Liquid Palisade, is the brainchild of founder and owner Jacqueline Smith. Smith started Liquid Palisade as a passion product and has had an integral part in building the international brand which Kiesque has become today. From humble beginnings, Kiesque has blossomed into world wide acceptance and has been featured on national media outlets like NBC, TODAY show and the Katie Couric Show. Editorials on Kiesque's Liquid Palisade can be seen in magazines ranging from Allure, InStyle Cosmopolitan to Real Simple, Better Homes & Garden and Self. 

We at Kiesque strive to create beauty products that fit your needs before you know them; that thinking is behind our slogan, Beauty with Brains.