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Getting the Perfect Dark Mani Without The Mess: Nailing It BirchBox, October 2011 I recently tested out a new product from Kiesque called Liquid Palisade that's basically a fool-proof way to get the perfect dark mani.

Nail fashion enhanced by Kiesque's Liquid Palisade, Nailtini, Blâze Monsters & Critics, October 2011 How to get that amazing crisp edge to the mani? American made Kiesque's Liquid Palisade is like painter's tape for your nails.

A DYI Tuxedo Mani The Glossarie, September 2011's an uncoordinated perfectionist's dream and a total must for the at-home manicurist.

The Easy Way to DIY a Perfect Manicure Beauty Blitz, September 2011 ...if your skills are as shaky as mine are, it's a must when DIY-ing dark colors.

Painting Within The Lines DKNY, September 2011 [This is] the tool your beauty box has been begging for. Kiesque's Liquid Palisade is the uncoordinated gals dream.

Cosmoprof North America - Day 1 Finds The Plastic Diaries, August 2011 If you are nail hopeless like me, this is a dream come true. No more sticky tape or special 'french tip tape' that never seems to work. This stuff is the bee's knees. And just on the d/l...they are currently offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders, including international!!! No really. I almost died with shock.

This product is going to be a HUGE hit. I can just feel it.

Perfect Manicure & Pedicure: Best Colors & Products for Summer Summer Page Daily, summer 2011 You can get a professional finish at home with Kiesque Liquid Palisade.

Coloring Inside The Lines Social Life Magazine, July 2011

Three Ingenious Products You Need Before Your Next Manicure Fashionista, June 2011 After you're done painting, any drips peel right off with the Liquid Palisade gel, leaving you with a perfect manicure.

Beauty Reporter, Allure Magazine, p.52 Allure Magazine, June 2011 What painter's tape is to home renovations, KIESQUE'S LIQUID PALISADE is to manicures.... The results are a crisp, salon-worthy look, even if you've yet to master...wielding the brush with your nondominant hand.

Mistake Proof Mani/Pedi using Liquid Palisade American Cheerleader Magazine, March 2011 American Cheerleader is the world's number one cheerleading magazine. Celebrating our 15th year, American Cheerleader is the ultimate go-to for the millions of athletes who cheer.