Create a Traditional Manicure Using Liquid Palisade

How to use Liquid Palisade with a Traditional Manicure from kiesque on Vimeo.


Protect your cuticles from unwanted polish mishaps using Liquid Palisade. The new thick brush allows for a fast and easy application. Apply before you polish and simply peel away for a no-more-mess manicure. 


  • Protect: Use the fat tip applicator for easy application. Apply Liquid Palisade over your cuticle and onto the surrounding skin and let it dry completely.
  • Push: If needed, shape Liquid Palisade by gently pushing it backwards toward your cuticle with your manicure stick to fully expose your nail for polishing.
  • Polish: Apply your favorite polish color.
  • Peel: Before your polish dries, simply peel off Liquid Palisade using tweezers for best results.
  • Perfect: Clean polish line and polish-free cuticles for a perfect traditional manicure.