Get Perfect Nails With Nail Polish Tape

Do you love getting your nails done, but don't want to spend the money or take the time to get that perfect, manicured look? Nail polish tape is your answer.

What Is Nail Polish Tape?

Nail polish tape is a clever invention that allows people to create beautiful and stylish designs on their nails, with little effort. Using a liquid latex technology, DIY nail art and easy French manicures can exist! Simply apply tape, paint your nails (and the tape) and then peel off the tape with tweezers. Liquid Palisade's liquid nail tape is simple and easy to use and allows you to create a wide variety of gorgeous nail designs.

DIY Nail Art with Liquid Nail Tape

Nail polish tape can help people create many beautiful patterns on their nails:

  • French Manicure – liquid latex nail tape tape makes French manicures easier than ever before! Once you have applied your base coat, simply apply the tape to make a line where you want the bottom of the white paint to go. After the white paint has dried, peel away the tape to unveil your beautiful and perfect white tips.
  • Stripes – If you want stripes on your nails it is easy to do with the tape. First, apply your base coat in whatever color you want your stripes to be. Pro Tip: Use a lighter color first, since it is easier to paint over in the next step! Then, apply the nail tape in the stripe pattern you want. When complete, apply another layer of nail polish, in a different color, to your nails. Remove the tape before your nails dry for best results.
  • Initials – Show off the people you love in your life! Nail tape makes it easier than ever to make initials that are easy to read and look good.
  • Make a mess no more! If you have a hard time painting your nails and keeping the polish on your nail, apply a layer of nail tape around the edge of the nail cuticles. This provides a border for your nail and prevents you from getting nail polish on your cuticles or skin. After you finish polishing, your nails remove the tape using a pair of tweezers.