How "Mess No More" Liquid Tape Can Make Your Life Easier

If you are like most women and girls, then you probably enjoy painting your nails. You could be doing it to look more stylish and fashionable, to feel more pretty and feminine, or even to cover up some flaws in your nails. You can go to any number of different stores and find nail polish in a whole rainbow of varying shades of color. Many ladies who paint their own nails have found that it can be a very messy process. If you are one of those people fed up with trying to prevent a mess, worry no more! Liquid tape is designed to help you get a perfect paint job on your nails and keep the color off any areas where you do not want it.

A Brief History Of Nail Painting

The art of coloring the nails has been in practice for millennia. Over three thousand years ago, men and women who were wealthy or of noble blood in China painted their nails using a variety of substances. Men and women in Ancient Egypt also colored their nails. They would use different colors of paint, depending on their social status. By the 1920’s, women often would apply glossy tints or red oil. First in France, then in the United States, painting the nails with different colors of polish slowly became fashionable. In the 1930’s, a company began offering different colors of dark nail polish. However, it was not until the ‘40s that the average American woman began painting her nails. From then on, the trend continued growing, until now, when beautiful French manicures and complex nail art is on the rise.

Dealing With A Mess? No More! Liquid Tape Is Just What You Need

Liquid nail tape is made from rubber latex. If you are tired of making a mess on your cuticles with the nail polish or just having a sloppy looking design, it is a wonderful solution. You just paint a strip of it onto areas where you don’t want the polish to be, for example, around the edge of your nail and cuticle, then paint your nail the way you normally would. Afterwards, before the polish is dry, peel the liquid tape off with tweezers and you no longer have to worry about trying to clean the polish off your cuticles before they become stained. Do yourself a favor and get some liquid tape before the next time you want to paint your nails.